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Fun comes from having people partake in meeting rituals that allow personal revelation and reward. While predictability, productivity, and fun are good features to have in any meeting, they are essential in tech meetings because the of their high expense. Thus, you’ll find that following the Three Rules for Having a Good Tech Meeting will not only increase productivity overall, but you’ll get more fun out of the meeting too, in a cost effective manner. You can discuss anything here, from varying developmental approaches to what your team regularly does to make things work. There are so many components to the development process but applying what we’ve taken away from team member input and weekly meetings can make a huge difference in output and deployment overall. Where is your development team experiencing the most roadblocks?

  • As much as it’s about getting on the same page, it’s about showing support.
  • While in a meeting, open up a blank document and simply have your developers record all their thoughts as the discussion ebbs and flows.
  • Our classes act more like procedures than objects; they know too much, they contain code we can’t reuse, they’re hard to change and they get worse every time we do so.
  • If you haven’t specified how long you want to spend on the technical debt or updating the documentation, those conversations can spiral indefinitely.
  • If you use such a formal approach, the meetings are tied to the date and added to the calendar, so they don’t overlap with other tasks or events.

As co-founders of id Software, John Romero and John Carmack created the code behind the company’s seminal titles. The principles they defined through experience in id’s earliest days built upon one another to produce a unique methodology and a constantly shippable codebase. In this talk, John Romero discusses id software’s early days, these programming principles and the events and games that led to their creation. To move beyond simple exhortations of clean code to something more human. This talk offers a fresh look at Lean principles and practices from the perspective of the code and the coder, rather than the usual scale of the organisation and the development process.

Experience the GTC Conference In-Person Again

DevExec World is an exclusive conference investing in the development of leadership roles of technical managers & directors (CTO, developer, engineer, technicians) at all experience levels. A consistent format sets the expectation and the tone of the meeting. When organizing a recurring Developer Meeting, I usually start the meeting with each developer telling a joke before getting down to business. I’ve been in other meetings when people go around the table and share a piece of news about their weekend. I’ve found that “ice breakers” can be useful part of a meeting’s format. An ice breaking ritual that requires a small piece of personal revelation gives a developer a way to “enter” himself or herself into the meeting.

The ROS-Industrial developers meeting is hosted on the second Tuesday of every month. The developers meeting will begin with a technical presentation from the hosting consortium followed by open discussion. Once open discussion has finished, status updates will be provided for consortium maintained repositories by the maintainer. In order to attend you must registrar for each of the respected consortium by following the links below. Begin by updating your team on the current situation and leave room for them to update you regarding development stages and where the final products stand.

Skills Commonly Missing from Many Senior Engineers

IoT is not just about coding hardware or embedded systems, but about integrating hardware with the cloud. I always ask people to report how much time they will require for their agenda items. Usually, I ask an attendee to volunteer to be timekeeper during the meeting.

There are so many chances to discuss openly in this section that you’ll want to make sure you leave quite a bit of allotted time. These template sections are fantastic for organizing thoughts before development team meetings. Running an effective team meeting is all about organization, preparation, and leaving the time to listen. Of course, you must discuss the projects that are currently on the table, but you also have to let the team talk about where they stand on specific tasks and why. The weekly check-in is crucial to ensuring that your developers are prepared to tackle the current projects on the table. As much as it’s about getting on the same page, it’s about showing support.

Code Red: The Business Impact of Code Quality

With a meeting agenda, you’ll have a clear overview of everything that needs to be discussed, and there’s much less chance of going off-track or forgetting an issue. Talk to your team members, see how they feel, and ensure you’re not inviting your employees to recurring meetings for no reason. Continuing from our previous example, it’s entirely possible that the kick-off meeting derails into feature particularities and detailed discussions on possible code architecture. If you’ve prepared a meeting agenda (ideally, you would have one), print the meeting objective in big block letters at the top of the page. With this structure, your developers will naturally develop meeting preparation habits.

developer meeting

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Read on for some tips and tricks to ensure your developers’ meetings are the most productive they can be. In this course, we discuss complex tradeoff decisions involved in making evolutionary design a core, How to Become a Python Developer? A Complete Guide 2023 Edition everyday programming practice. You can’t simultaneously fight your code and be Agile—it slows you down too much. Your code’s design must evolve incrementally along with your understanding of the product.

  • You will learn how to choose the best architecture style for your project, and how to design hybrid solutions, leveraging the best parts of each architecture style.
  • What we do in our team meetings is talk about what is bugging us.
  • Free days are those when developers can spend entirely without worrying about the workplace, such as the weekend.
  • The agenda document is located in the meeting event, making it easily accessible to all attendees—with it, your developers will have no trouble preparing for the meeting.
  • It is highly likely that the programmer may feel how unimportant the business meeting was to you.
  • However, a clearly stated objective well advertised beforehand curtails potential trips into the weeds.

If you’re meeting with marketing to explain your software’s latest feature, you’ll only need the principal architects. If you can’t construct an agenda, write the objective on a whiteboard. It will help the meeting attendees to have a constant visual reminder.

This allows you to remain updated on the progress of projects while building a healthy working relationship. The importance of one on one meetings can never be over-emphasized. Good communication between a manager and his dev team member is a key driver of employee performance and engagement. These meetings can involve going through feedback for projects, sharing ideas, and sometimes just catching up.

  • At one-on-one, software engineers may talk about the things they are not ready to discuss with their PMs but do not mind discussing with other developers, as they may better understand their concerns.
  • The objective of the weekly Engineer’s Meeting is to share information from management that is relevant to our work and to have each engineer share the status of the work he or she is doing.
  • The past decade has seen incredible advances in artificial intelligence.
  • Those are the soft skills needed for a meeting facilitator.
  • Join Sven and learn how great software teams measure and improve their developer productivity, coordinate work across teams, run microservice teams, and create a healthy and joyful engineering culture.
  • You can then prioritize improvements and risks so that you can balance short- and long-term goals guided by objective data.
  • Once open discussion has finished, status updates will be provided for consortium maintained repositories by the maintainer.

As the manager, you get a chance to address pressing issues in a more professional manner. Not having successful 1-on-1 meetings may result in you, as the manager, not knowing exactly what’s happening on the ground. Whether developers tell you about the struggles with code, a fall-out with another team member, or impressions on working in an agile environment, let them do so while it’s just the two of you. The upcoming projects and priorities shouldn’t usually change from week to week so why not move these into a separate monthly meeting.

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