Ricoh D5510 55″ W Interactive Whiteboard

panel size: 55” wide

contrast ratio: 2,670: 1

aspect ratio: 16:9

display: Liquid crystal

backlight: LED system

colors: Over 16,770,000

communication: remote, Real-time

11,000.00 MAD 22,500.00 MAD

D5500 55″ W Interactive Whiteboard

The Richo D5500 Interactive Whiteboard is a 55” wide, liquid crystal display whiteboard that offers a high-quality, smooth handwriting and a high-resolution display, and enables easy remote image sharing. This whiteboard has LED backlight system and a maximum resolution of 1,920 x 1,080. Its maximum brightness is 300 cd/m² and provides over 16,770,000 colors. It also provides enhanced features such as picture in picture, zooming, recovery function, remote sharing function, mail to print, and data saving form. This remarkable innovation will make your business meetings, teleconferences, collaborative presentations and classroom training sessions so much more productive and cost-efficient.



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