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CPU: Intel Xeon 5130 (2.00 GHz, 2C, 4 Mo Cache)

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Precision 490 Biproc Workstation 5130 Composant Au choix





Station de travail Dell Precision 490
La station de travail Dell PrecisionTM 490, une machine de productivité où les processeurs Intel® Xeon® Dual ou Quad-Core ultra-rapides, les graphiques Open GL impressionnants et la capacité de mémoire exceptionnelle fonctionnent ensemble dans un châssis flexible et compact pour offrir performances, évolutivité et fiabilité.

Ultimate Performance, Small Footprint

The Dell PrecisionTM  490 is a fully-featured high-performance workstation with a compact, flexible chassis design. With excellent scalability for its size, the 490 offers up to two Dual-Core Intel®  Xeon®  64-bit processors, up to 32GB1 of memory in four fully-buffered DIMM channels2 and a wide range of high-performance OpenGL graphics cards. This all means that the Dell Precision 490 is an excellent choice for critical, compute-intensive workstation environments where space is a concern.

Dell Precision Workstation 490

Dell Precision Workstation 490

Multi-Core Intel®  Xeon®  Processors

The Dell Precision 490 is equipped with up to two Dual or Quad-Core Intel Xeon 5100 and 5300 series 64-bit processors for a total of up to eight execution cores in two sockets. Dual-Core Intel Xeon processors can deliver a substantial performance increase over Intel single-core processors for multi-threaded applications, multi-tasking environments or very demanding single-threaded applications. The new Intel Xeon 5100 and 5300 series features a new architecture – Intel®  Core™ micro-architecture – with a shorter pipeline, lower clock speeds and higher front side bus speeds designed to deliver higher performance levels than previous generation Intel Xeon processors. Multi-core processors allow your system to split tasks between separate processor cores so that they can share the load and get more done in less time. The cores can do more work per second, allowing you to run multiple or multi-threaded applications (DCC rendering and Analysis applications) with noticeably quicker results.
“Run multiple applications with noticeably quicker results.”

Dell Precision Workstation 490

OpenGL Graphics

The Dell Precision 490 offers a wide range of high-performance graphics cards for many of the most demanding visual applications like CAD, GIS, and digital content creation. These graphics options are designed to handle the demands of 2D and 3D applications for all types of engineering, architecture and design. All the 490’s graphic options also support a dual-monitor configuration.

“OpenGL graphics for the most demanding visual applications.”

ISV certifications

The Reassurance of ISV Certifications

Dell partners with leading Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) to certify system and application compatibility so that your applications can run seamlessly on Dell Precision workstations. Through rigorous testing, Dell also targets flawless compatibility and optimized performance in demanding work environments such as computer-aided design and engineering, digital content creation, oil and gas and medical imaging.

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Dell Precision Workstation 490

Save Energy, Save Costs

The Energy Star-compliant Dell Precision Workstation is extremely energy efficient by pre-setting the BIOS to go into low power state after 30 minutes of inactivity. This high level of power management, combined with Power Factor Correcting power supplies, flat panel displays, Intel Core™2 Duo Processors and Dell’s thermally efficient BTX chassis design, can help conserve your resources and the earth’s resources at the same time.

Dell Precision Workstation 490

Storage Flexibility

The Dell Precision 490 supports up to three hard drives, each with up to 500GB3 space. This potential capacity of 1.5TB3 means you’ve got space to spare when storing important data and files. And with SATA and SAS options with RAID 0, RAID 1, and optional RAID 5 support, you can configure your storage to meet your needs, whether it’s for storing large files, backing up data or improving performance with data-striping.

Dell Precision Workstation 490

Planning For the Future

Scalability is a priority in workstation environments. The Dell Precision 490 provides excellent scalability for such a compact chassis by supporting up to two Dual-Core Intel Xeon processors, up to 32GB3 of quad-channel2 memory, and up to three hard drives for 1.5TB3 of storage. That way, you have flexibility when you’re configuring your system and flexibility for growth in the future.
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